Access PDF files of our most popular product and corporate literature.

General Information
 Woods Equipment Company's Capabilities
 Woods Product Guide
 Woods Construction Product Brand Overview
 Woods/Massey Ferguson Product Guide

Finish Mowers
 Finish Mowers Full Line B07072.pdf

Flail Shredders
 Flail Shredders Full Line B07061.pdf
 B011301 End Drive Shredder Intro.pdf

Landscape Equipment
 Grading Scrapers - Dare To Compare.pdf
 B051502 Cultipacker Intoduction.pdf
 B111501 Disc Harrows Series Intro.pdf
 B051601 ROTARYTILLERS 30-40Series DTC.pdf
 B051602 ROTARYTILLERS 30-40Series INTRO.pdf
 B041601 Woods Kinetic Brochure.pdf
 B04024 LandscapeEquipment.pdf

 Loaders Full Line B11082.pdf

Rotary Cutters
 Single-Spindle B07080.pdf
 Multi-Spindle B04091.pdf
 Batwing Rotary Cutters B04093.pdf
 RC-Series Cutters.pdf
 Batwing Intro B12083.pdf
 BW12 Batwing Dare To Compare.pdf

Skid Steer Attachments
 Skid Steer Attachments Full Line F6971.pdf

Snow Blowers
 Snow Blowers Full Line B021101.pdf

Zero-Turn Mowers
 Zero-Turn Mowers Full Line B06010.pdf
 FZ22K Dare To Compare.pdf

 B031501 BH65-75 INTRO BROCHURE.pdf
 Backhoes Full Line B12083.pdf

4 Wheel Drive Loader Attachments
 CF Hydraulic Thumb (Material Clamp) (B06023).pdf
 CF TLB and 4WD Loader Quick Coupler System Bulletin.pdf
 CF Universal Rigid Thumb (B03051).pdf
 Dare to Compare - Excavator Bucket Weight Comparison.pdf
 Direct Pin Coupler for Compact Excavators TLBs and 9 MT Excavators Bulletin.pdf
 Gannon Industrial Scrapers (F018).pdf
 Gannon Loader Bucket (F025).pdf
 Gannon Multi-Purpose Buckets (F021).PDF
 Gannon Trenching Bucket (F1012).pdf
 Wain-Roy Jaw Buckets (F024).pdf
 Wain-Roy Quick Coupling Grapple (F019).pdf
 Wain-Roy Swinger Coupler System (F9991).pdf
 Wain-Roy XLS Quick Coupler System (F9981).pdf
 Wain-Roy XLS Quick Coupler System (F9981).pdf
 Woods Construction Equipment Product Brand Overview (F9008).pdf
 CF Dozer Rake.pdf
 CF Ditching Grading Buckets.pdf
 B101301 Trenching Bucket.pdf

Compact Excavator Attachments
 CE JB Coupler.pdf
 Wain-Roy XLS Bucket Shim Adjustment.pdf
 Wain-Roy XLS Coupler Features.pdf
 Hydraulic Loader Coupler for TLBs and 4WD Loaders.pdf