Snippets of country life brought to you by Woods Equipment Company

  • Brasil ultrapassa o EAU
    I keep connected to our Sales Team in Brazil through a chat thread on WhatsApp. This group of fun-loving professionals takes great pride in their work and have a heightened passion for all-things agriculture. Earlier this week, Mario posted a … Continue reading

  • Mow! Mow! Mow!
    The prolonged winter created a late start to the mowing season in northwest Illinois. When it finally did warm up (for a short spell) the grass took off and now we’ve had more than four inches of rain in the … Continue reading

  • Chocolate Towns
    Last week, I enjoyed the hospitality of the Hershey Lodge in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and this week, I’m across the Atlantic in Brussels, Belgium. Hershey was the host site of our Dealer Council Meeting, a twice-a-year opportunity to learn about their … Continue reading

  • Northern made, southern grown
    Sundays are for church, breakfast at Mary’s Market, and grocery shopping. My grocery of choice is locally-owned Woodman’s for their broad selection, but I found last Sunday that their selection isn’t broad enough in one particular category: dark, leafy greens … Continue reading

  • Georgia Grown
    Georgia agriculture is one of the biggest economic engines in the state and it’s fueled by a vast array of farm products. At this week’s Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Georgia, I met cattle ranchers, sheep herdsmen, cotton farmers, peanut … Continue reading

  • I cried, “uncle”
    I took on a new role at work in January and since then, I’ve had less and less time to spend in the yard. It hasn’t helped that these past few weekends of summer, I’ve traded yard work for cycling, … Continue reading

  • Those annoying washouts
    Our wet spring and summer meant we had to repair the lane several times. The destruction from the last gully washer in July has remained… until today. I used our Woods HBL rear blade, turned around, to roll gravel from … Continue reading

  • Hooray! It’s a wheat year!
    As a farm wife, one of the best benefits of crop rotation is the ever-changing landscape. I’m working from my home office today and my desk chair gives me a perfect view of the fields to the south of our … Continue reading

  • Harvest kicks off, gardening winds down
    This week, we started cutting beans, marking the official kick-off of harvest. While it will be weeks before we can proclaim the entire season “in the hopper,” we can do so for the first field of soy beans. They are … Continue reading

  • We’re not in Illinois anymore!
    While we love well-groomed landscapes and perfectly manicured lawns, nature does a pretty good job unassisted. Our corporate leadership program is convening in central Oregon for a change of scenery and a little inspiration. Has your landscape inspired you today? … Continue reading