Woods FZ25D Mow’n Machine

2/1/2008 12:00:00 AM

For users of Woods® FZ25D Mow’n Machines with serial number 7832500001 through 7832500052.

Woods has discovered that the maximum PTO speed of the power unit can produce blade tip speeds that exceed industry standards by about 6%. Excess tip speed, combined with other adverse conditions, could lead to serious injury.

Woods has instituted a FREE re-work program designed to correct the over-speeding condition.

If you have purchased an FZ25D Mow’n Machine with a serial number in the range listed above, please contact your local Woods dealer and schedule an appointment soon for a FREE re-work (per Safety Advisory 1/2008).

If you have any questions regarding this Safety Notice, please contact Woods Customer Service at 1-800-319-6637.

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