Kawasaki Stop Sale Notice (MZ3772K models)

10/30/2012 12:00:00 AM

Advisory No: SA1/2012

Kawasaki has issued a Stop Sale Notice on specific engine models due to the possibility of a faulty fuel filter. This notice affects the Woods model MZ3772K Mow’n Machines serial numbers 87251600100, 87251600101 and 87251600102. Both dealer stock and any retailed unit need to be checked. To determine if any of your units need the filter replaced requires checking the Engine Serial number, the number is located on the base of the engine (see photo below).

Eligible engines are listed below

ModelSpecEngine Serial Number
FX100V FXT00VA07817, FXT00VA07814, FXT00VA07822

Customers- Please contact your closest Woods Dealer for assistance.

Woods Dealers - Please contact Dealer Services to order replacement parts or to receive credit for parts and labor, submit a warranty claim.

Replacement filters (49019-0014) can be ordered from Woods Dealer Services. For reimbursement, please file a warranty claim online at woodsequipment.com. When completing the claim we ask that you insert the following information in the “Description of failure” section.

  1. Kawasaki Engine Model
  2. Kawasaki Engine Spec.
  3. Kawasaki Engine Serial Number
    1. 0.30 hours labor will be allowed on each unit reworked.

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