If It’s Broken, Fix It!

Broken fence post

If you’re reading this post on the Woods Equipment website, you’re probably noticing a fixed-up, new look. Not to say that our old site was broken, it did work after all, but it wasn’t mobile friendly, the product navigation was a little clunky, and it didn’t play well with others – as in social media and email sharing.

If you’re reading this post on WordPress or social media, check out the new site at, then post a comment on social. We love feedback!

You’ll see that we’ve got filters to help you choose the right product for your tractor, pages to help you discover our new products, and oh so much more. We’re pretty tickled with this new tool and its ability to help you find the attachments you need to get your jobs done. Jobs like fixing fences.

Posthole digger, anyone?


P.S. I accept full responsibility for crushing the garden fence. This is what happens when you don’t raise the loader high enough after dumping a bucket of cow manure. I may just take the fence down, which would help justify the purchase of a Woods tiller for the Farmall 50B.