Rotary Cutters | DBH5.31 Ditch Bank Cutters

  • Highest-rated cutting horsepower in its class – full 40 hp at cutting head
  • Narrow 119" transport width – no frame overhang
  • Shifts 30" for a total reach (tractor center to outside cutter) of 152"
  • Fixed counter weight position does not extend beyond width of road lane
  • Cuts at almost any angle with +/- 90° flex (90° up, 90° down)
  • Optional hydraulic cooling system reduces downtime due to overheating -- you work longer
  • Optional gauge wheels and frame-mounted tail wheel

Hard-to-reach mowing is a breeze with Woods Ditch Bank Cutters


PTO Horsepower60 – 150 hp
Hitch category / typeCat 2 & 3
Maximum HP at cutting head40
Flex range angles 90°  up, 90° down
Cutting width60"
Cutting height2" - 10"
Cutting capacity2"
Blade tip speed540 rpm /14,860 fpm
1,000 rpm / 14,441 fpm
Deck side depth9.4"
Deck thickness10 ga. (0.135")
Overall width191" (fully extended)
Overall length72"
Approximate weight1970 lbs
Blade dimensions.5" x 4"
Quick hitch compatibleyes

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