Rotary Cutters | BW13.70 Batwing® Cutters

  • Extra heavy, double layer deck tames the most rugged terrain
  • High-strength bolts and improved design have increased wheel yoke strength and work life
  • Woods' exclusive greasable Quick-change blade pins allow blade changes from the top of the deck
  • Fully baffled 13-inch deep deck handles more material and distributes it evenly
  • Hinged metal gearbox shields open easily for maintenance
  • Greasable pivot points on the turnbuckle and axle arms increase durability and product life
  • Six-year gearbox limited warranty
  • Numerous wheel and equipment options to customize for your use and environment

We not only build the toughest Batwing® cutter, we build the only Batwing®.


PTO Horsepower70-300 hp
Hitchself-leveling clevis
Cutting height2" - 15"
Cutting capacity diameter4"
Cutting width162"
Blade tip speed15,450 fpm at 540 rpm; 16,650 fpm at 1,000 rpm
Weight8500 lbs
Deck thickness.135" upper and lower
Side frame thickness0.25"
Side frame depth12.5"
Hinge rod diameter1" full length
Transport width100"
Wing flex up/down 90° up, 22° down
Driveline rating CAT 6 CV
Splitter/wing gearbox rating 250 hp / 210 hp
Output shaft diameter2.38"
Tongue weight2870 lbs
Wheel options21" laminated, 24" new Ag, 29" used aircraft, 15" rimless tires
Gearbox warranty6 years
Optionsdouble row chain shielding; tandem spring arm suspension; pintel ring hitch; deck rings

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