Flail Shredders | S15CD

  • 183-inch cutting width
  • Minimum Tractor HP: 90 hp
  • Three massive tubular beams support the shredder body, for increased strength and reduced vibration
  • Shredder drive protected by either a 24,000 lbs. inch overrunning disc clutch or a 30,000 lbs. inch overrunning automatic clutch
  • High capacity gearbox with large oil volume reduces heat buildup and extends bearing and gear life
  • Specially designed oil seal protectors prevent vines from encasing and damaging gearbox oil seals
  • 12.75-inch diameter flail tubes with spiral mounted knives feature increased rigidity for smoother operation
  • Optional end-tow transport hitch to easily move to the next job

Tear through your toughest crop residue with the leader in Flail Shredders


PTO Horsepower90 - 300 hp
Working width183"
Overall width190"
Cutting height2" - 14"
Approximate weight4,248 lbs
Tractor Engine HP90 hp minimum
Tractor PTO speed1,000 rpm
Gearbox rating300 hp
Gearbox warranty5 years - limited
Hitch type3-point, 2-point (semi-mounted), or pull (pintle)
3-point hitchCat 2 & 3
Driveline sizeCat 6
Driveline systemDisc or automatic clutch
Knife options6mm L-knives, 8mm HD-Cotton (Duraface) L-knives or 11-inch cup knives
Knife retention patternBolt-on (no D-rings)
Knife speed133 mph
Knife tip speed11,700 fpm
Flail tube speed1,350 rpm
Flail tube diameter (O.D.)12.75"
Flail tube bearing diameter2 - 3 / 16"
Hood TypeSmooth, trilateral shape
Hood/deck thickness.18" (optional wearliner available)
End plate thickness.25"
ShieldingRubber belting or flaps
Wheel arm typesRigid strut or caster
OptionsEnd transport kit, Partial wear liner (doubles body thickness at high wear area), Swing flaps kit, Divider shield, Anti-push skid plate kit, Hydraulic center cutter kit

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