Turf Batwing®

Introducing the newly redesigned Turf Batwing®, our 12' triple-deck, rear discharge, flexwing finish mower for large lawns and estates. Turf Batwing delivers best-in-class cut quality at a lower cost of ownership. That's how Woods helps you Get After It.

  • High-lift blades for best-in-class lifting and cutting of green material for evenness of cut.
  • Parallel deck side frames spread material from edge to edge for even material distribution.
  • High blade tip speeds enhance productivity with improved mowing at higher speeds for less time on the job.
  • Single-point attachment to the tractor draw bar makes connection to the tractor easy.
  • Trust the Woods legacy for durable, high-quality cutting equipment for all your mowing needs.


3-year Gearbox Warranty

Confidence in the durability of your Woods mower

1-year Spindle Warranty

Ductile iron blade spindles are lubed-for-life

Hydraulic Cylinders

Rugged, single-acting hydraulic cylinders fold the mower for transport

Easy Shield Removal

No tools needed to access belt sheaves, belt, or spring-loaded idler

Cast-iron Sheaves

Better belt grip for extended belt life

Spring-loaded Belt Tensioner

Replaceable idler post and bronze bushing

Optional Front and Rear Rollers

Anti-scalp protection for uneven terrain

Optional Chain Shielding

Added protection to further reduce the risk of thrown objects

Transport Lock Quick Release

Easily pull the rope to release transport lock

*Protective safety shields removed for display purposes only. Shields must be installed while mower is operating.


Woods® C

The Turf Batwing® is designed for compact tractors from 25 to 60 PTO HP and has a cutting width of 144 in.