Who is an innovator? It is someone who holds themselves to a higher standard of performance. Someone who knows that doing the right thing is rarely ever easy. To be an innovator takes patience, dedication and an iron will to forge ahead and conquer challenges. We believe every one of us is an innovator, and we empower one another to continue to find ways to keep each other moving forward in order to stay sharper together.


Come work with a passionate group of people dedicated to a spirit of innovation and outside the box thinking in order to create the world’s most efficient cutting tools and products. We believe in inspiring, listening, learning, and rolling up our sleeves to “get after it” together. We serve a higher purpose than the products we make and are devoted to positively impacting people, communities and landscapes around the world.


To be a global leader and innovator takes a fearless approach. That is why we look for courageous minds to join our talented team. If you are looking for a culture that rewards your passions, helps you advance in your career and gives you the opportunity to expand the reputation of a global industry leader, we want to hear from you.