SINCE 1946

Woods has built a reputation for manufacturing high quality, durable attachments – as do many suppliers of agricultural tractor attachments. What makes Woods different? We have talented teams that listen to our customers, develop ideas, and build incredible products. These teams innovate day in and day out to make sure Woods attachments not only perform well, but are safe to operate and simple to maintain.


Woods products are sold through a North American dealer network, supported by a dedicated sales force. We also enjoy strong private label relationships with several tractor manufacturers. As a result, you will also see our attachments in livestock operations, recreational areas, and market gardens. Wherever you find hardworking people digging, growing, moving, and mowing, you’ll most likely find Woods attachments.


To illustrate our story of innovation, we’ve highlighted many of our patents in the timeline below. For the past 75 years, we’ve been manufacturing tractor attachments to help you #GetAfterIt in the many places our products are used, such as mowing roadsides, maintaining pastures and waterways, shredding crops, and countless other applications.

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Oregon, Illinois


Oregon Tool

based in Portland, Oregon



Kronenwetter, Wisconsin

Oregon, Illinois

Rockford, Illinois

Courcelles, Belgium

Curitiba Brazil


Approximately 550


Through the Years


Leonard, Keith and Mervel Wood invest everything they have in their new creation, the first tractor-mounted rotary cutter, and Wood Brothers Manufacturing Co. is founded. Their new business began in a 4,000 square feet Quonset hut two miles south of Oregon, Illinois.



The Wood brothers introduce the under-mount mower – 42 inch Model 42C.


The Model 59 Under-mount Mower was introduced at the Farm Progress Show in Gibson City, Iowa.


The Wood brothers patented a tractor mounted Rotary disc type mower attachment for tractors – US Patent 2862343.


Mervel Wood patents the adjustable belt drive – US patent 2872831. Designed for a drive system with a single belt that runs from the rear PTO shaft on a tractor to all three spindles on a mower.


Mervel Wood patents a device for a mounting system that attaches implements under low-slung tractors – US patent 3080696.


Woods ships the first ever Batwing Cutter to be introduced to the market.


Patent for the wing drive system on a Batwing mower – US Patent 3527032.


Patent for the lift system on an undermount mower for garden tractors awarded – US Patent 3680292.


Patent for a flexible guard on tillage equipment that prevents mud, dirt and vegetation build up awarded – US Patent 3768572.


Patent for a bale grabbing device that can pick up several bales at one time – US Patent 3944274. Provides a new and improved bale handling system for connection to the forward end of a tractor mounted loader.


Patent for an improved latch design on a bale accumulator that keeps the door closed until filled – US Patent 3958823.


Patent for a hydraulic cylinder with a hollow piston rod – US Patent 4003297.


Patent for a hydraulic controlled rear blade that has a relief function that allows flow between cylinders – US Patent 4124080.


Patent for a hydraulic circuit that shifts the flow of fluid from series operation to parallel operation – US Patent 4129258.


Patent for a hydraulic grapple that attaches to a bucket quickly and a linkage that provides more clamp force – US Patent 4285628.


Patent for a loader quick attach system – US Patent 4345870.


Patent for a tractor 3-point hitch finish mower – US Patent D271398.


The first Woods rear mount backhoe ships.


Woods introduces the F35 undermount mower at the Lawn and Garden Show in Louisville, KY.


Patent for a loader quick attach system – US Patent 4637772. This new Loader Mount provided improved mounting structure for attaching a tractor mounted loader and overcame many of the problems related to previously available loaders.


Patent for a tractor 3-point mounted trencher – US Patent 4833797.


Patent for a hydraulic stand that helps attach and remove a loader from a tractor – US Patent 5129780.


Woods introduces the state-of-the-art model 3180 Batwing.


Patent for a flanged washer that keeps debris from wrapping on a rotating shaft – US Patent 5404697.


Patent for a drive system with a hollow shaft that can drive two spindles on the same axis – US Patent 5501636.


Patent for a folding defoliator that can be folded for transport or storage – US Patent 5660034. By being foldable, the defoliator may be reduced to a much smaller width, making it safer to transport and easier to store.


Patent for a hydraulic grapple that has precise clamping for excavators – US Patent 5865492.


Woods introduces the first BrushBull™, a first of its kind single-spindle rotary cutter built for heavier duty mowing.


Patent for a blade pin system that allows rotation of the pin and can be adjusted to tighten the cutter blade – US Patent 6055798. Permits easy field assembly and disassembly of pivoting blades from a crossbar or other support structure.


Patent for a mowing deck baffle system that manages airflow for improved cut quality – US Patent 7062898.


Woods introduces the first Precision Super Seeder. The seeder’s ground driven technology and innovative calibration system dramatically reduce seed waste.


The first overseas assembly of Woods products, led by the iconic Batwing® rotary cutters, commenced in Curitiba, Brazil.


Patent for a seeder with Interchangeable tillage tools – US Patent 9439343.


Woods introduces a new 15-foot version of its flagship product, the BATWING® Rotary Cutter. Based on extensive customer input, the models offer more than a dozen exclusive time-saving and performance-enhancing features.


Woods expands its reach in Europe, opening an assembly plant and warehouse in Belgium, offering prompt delivery and support of machines and repair parts.


Patent for a lubricated blade pin that makes changing rotary cutter blades easier – US Patent 10306832.


Woods launches the first Compact Super Seeder. Designed on a smaller platform, the Compact Super Seeder boasts the same features as the popular Precision Super Seeder but allows for use with subcompact tractors, ATVs, and UTVs.


Patent for Power Take Off Driveline Lift and Coupling Assist Device (PTO Lift Assist) awarded – US Patent 10794457. This patent makes it easier to attach a PTO shaft to a tractor.


Blount International rebrands to Oregon Tool.


Woods launches the new TurfKeeperTM and TurfKeeper ProTM Rear-mount Rear-discharge Finish Mowers.