Let’s talk about how easy it is to attach and operate the Woods SB-series Snow Blower.

The SB series are compatible with CAT 1 and CAT 2 3-point hitches on tractors from 15 to 60 PTO horsepower. The SB series is also CAT 1 quick-hitch compatible. Working widths range from 54 inches to 84 inches. That range of working widths offer an ideal fit for everything from sub-compact to the larger compact tractors.

PTO driveline overlap needs to be properly sized for your tractor. Consult the snow blower operator’s manual for the procedure and dimensions.

The drive system features shear bolt protection on the PTO driveline and the auger side drive. Proper adjustment of the top link is important on this snow blower. Adjust the length of the top link until the top edge of the snow blower is parallel to the ground.

Adjustable skid shoes come standard on the unit. On gravel surfaces lower the skid shoes so they are approximately half-inch below the cutting edge. This will keep the snow blower out of the rocks. On hard surfaces, like cement, the skid shoes can be raised up so the cutting edge is closer to the surface for a nice clean finish. Consult the operator’s manual for proper blocking and adjustment procedures.

Optional hydraulic and electric chute rotator and deflector kits can be added for making quick and easy adjustments. The optional kits are ideal for tractors with cabs or for operating in tight areas around buildings that require multiple adjustments.

Prior to use, the snow blower needs to be properly lubricated. Consult the operator’s manual for the lubrication points and the proper intervals.

Always be sure to engage and disengage your tractor PTO at low idle. Increase and decrease your throttle gradually. Always maintain 540 PTO RPM while in operation. Do not overspeed your PTO.

Only the Woods SB-series Snow Blowers can bring you superior design, superior durability and superior style in an easy to operate package.

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Always consult your operator’s manual for complete information on safety, operation and services.

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