Woods Exclusive

When you see the Woods Exclusive stamp, you know you’re getting

an advantage in the field.

A Woods Exclusive is a unique product design, feature or system engineered into our high-quality attachments.

EZ-CHANGE™ Blade System

There is no comparison to the EZ-Change™ Blade System. Change blades in five “EZ” steps with only a 3/4″ wrench. Competitors require an impact gun or potentially a torch to replace blades. Available on all Batwing® cutters and Woods premium rotary cutters.


No more wrestling with an 80lb PTO shaft. Woods Exclusive SmartLift™ System does the heavy lifting for you by holding the weight of the driveline as you connect and disconnect to the tractor. Available exclusively on Woods BW15 series.

Woods Exclusive Smartlift™

Z-Shaped High-strength Steel Bumper

The unique BrushBull™ bumper design is twice the thickness of competitive models and provides greater durability when backing over tough brush.

Gearbox Design

Inside every Woods gearbox, you’ll find our exclusive Triple Lip Seal. This innovative design features a unique inner lip to reduce and prevent oil leaks, minimize downtime, and increase the lifespan of your gearbox.

Triple Lip Seal
Woods Exclusive Suction Technology

Woods Suction Technology

Best Cut Quality

Woods’ superior cut quality is a result of our unique suction technology featured in every Woods finish mower. This exclusive design controls the movement of grass under the deck for a best-in-class finish cut.

Seed Calibration System

There is no comparison to our Seed Calibration System. Dial in your exact seed rate per acre with a simple formula and any small digital scale. Save time, save money, and save seed.

Seed Planting At Two Depths

This patented design allows for planting multiple seed types at different depths in a single pass. Save time and plant more effectively.

Seeder Interchangeable Tools

Tailor your seeder to the job at hand. Select a spiked roller ideal for lawn and pasture seeding. Switch to a disc blade for more aggressive soil preparation.

Woods Exclusive Tiller Blade Mounting

Tiller Blade Mounting

Double flange blade mount provides support to prevent bent, loose, or broken blades in tough conditions.

Unmatched 2-Year Warranty

As part of our Cut Above Warranty Program, Woods is the only manufacturer to warranty a tractor for 2-years when a Groundbreaker backhoe is installed on a Woods sub-frame.

Expansive Line of Mounting Kits

Additionally, Woods fits more tractors than anyone else in the industry with the most expansive line of mounting kits.

Woods Exclusive