Woods® CUT ABOVE™ Warranty Program Symbol
Woods® CUT ABOVE Warranty Program

We’re proud to stand behind and reinforce our commitment to quality by offering the industry’s most comprehensive warranty – Woods Cut Above™ Warranty Program.

What Makes Woods® CUT ABOVE The Most Comprehensive Warranty Program In The Industry?
Woods® CUT ABOVE 6 Year/10 Year Gearbox Warranty

Both our 10-year and 6-year gearbox warranty covers seals and includes labor for the full duration of the warranty period.

Woods® CUT ABOVE 3 Year Spindle Warranty

Woods spindle warranty on tractor-driven finish mowers is three times longer than industry competitors.

Woods® CUT ABOVE 2 Year Tractor Warranty

We are the only manufacturer to warranty the tractor for two years when a properly installed Woods subframe is purchased from Woods.

Woods® CUT ABOVE Warranty Provides Expert Support

Our expert technical support team operates onsite at our Oregon, Illinois facility where Woods products are manufactured, and comes with first-hand product knowledge and years of extensive industry experience.

Woods® CUT ABOVE Warranty Provides Genuine Parts

The warranty is serviced by your local Woods dealership where you purchased your attachment. The dealership is required to use only Woods Genuine Parts to ensure your attachment is fully restored with the same high-performance materials.

Woods® CUT ABOVE Warranty Provides Easy and Clear Terms

Unlike some warranty programs, we don’t bury you in the fine print. Our warranty document is on a single page. The terms and conditions are straightforward and easy to understand.

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