Good Things Come in Compact Packages

Woods Equipment introduces the Compact Super Seeder, their latest attachment for compact or sub-compact tractors and ATV (all-terrain vehicles) or UTV (utility task vehicles) designed to handle the widest range of seed with the least amount of waste.

The versatile, full-featured yet lightweight attachment is ideal for small-scale planting such as food plots, lawns, gardens, wildflower meadows, waterways and roadways. It is available in 48-or 60-inch widths to maneuver easily into narrow spaces, make tight turns and reach areas unreachable with a larger tractor.

The Compact Super Seeder design is based on months of research with end-users who ranked their needs for a compact seeding tool based on several factors such as precise metering, maneuverability, a wide range of planting options, durability and stability.

“In field research, we observed hunters wanting to put food plots in areas that their equipment simply would not allow them to reach. The Compact Super Seeder was born to solve this problem while not compromising on the precision and versatility that Woods seeders are known for,” said Anthony Welty, Product Manager, Farm, Ranch, and Agriculture Division.

Based on the research, the Woods® Compact Super Seeder has several exclusive features.

  • Every model starts with a spiked drive roller and a cool season seed box.Then, the customer chooses a spiked roller or disc blades for the front tool, depending upon their soil conditions.
  • An optional second legume box allows planting two seeds at different depths in one pass.
  • The calibration system includes charts, a calibration tray and crank for accurate seed rates.
  • The seeder can be used as a tilling tool by simply pulling a pin to disengage the seed boxes. After the ground is prepared the operator can replace the pin and engage the seeding function for a final pass.

The CSS48 has a tractor horsepower range of 15-25 HP, and working width of 48 inches. The CSS60 has a working width of 60 inches, and 20-45 HP range. The tractor hitch is compatible with CAT1/Limited CAT 1 for both models.

For those who would rather work the land with an ATV or UTV, the Compact Super Seeder is lightweight and easy to maneuver while maintaining the durability of Woods’ larger seeders. ModelCSS48 is compatible with ATV/UTVs with a minimum 350cc engine.

The CSS60 model will accommodate an engine with a minimum of 400cc. An optional electric tow kit allows operators to raise and lower the seeder without leaving the seat.

The Woods Compact Super Seeder can plant large and small seeds ranging from annual ryegrass to zoysia. Other large seeds include barley, Kentucky bluegrass blends, oats, and peas. The optional legume box can plant small seeds such as alfalfa, clover, radish and sugar beets.

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