Introducing The All-New Woods BrushBull™ Single Spindle Rotary Cutter

ReliaBull. DuraBull. PreferaBull.

The newly designed, top-selling Woods BrushBull™ single spindle rotary cutters are better than ever,with features that ensurethey are easy to use and maintain, deliver superior cut quality, and look good doing it. All 10 models include features that farmers, road commissioners, and maintenance workers expect from legendary Woods cutters, ensuring reliability and durability year after year.

Easy to Use and Maintain.

Connecting attachments to tractors tend to be difficult, so Woodsmade it easier with the BrushBull™ cutters’ quick-hitch readinessand drivelinelift hanger. When it comes to maintenance, Woods’ patented Quick-change blade pins and large access window on the top of the deck make speedy work of blade changes. In addition, the smooth, sloped, component-free deck (a Woods exclusive) makes it easy to clean after a day of heavy use.

Superior Cut Quality.

Whether mowing roadsides, maintaining woodland paths, or clipping pastures, operators want to turn around and see even cutting and distribution of material. Woods BrushBull™ models feature deep decks to handle more material, large ½” x 4” blades that increases suction to lift grass and brush, and baffles that improve the flow under the deck.

Reliable and Durable.

Built to last, Woods BrushBull™ heavier models feature new gearbox seal technology to ensure a longer work life (eventually all 10 models will feature the new seals).  Plus, these seals are included in the 6-year gearbox warranty.  One way to ensure the gearbox functions reliably is regular oil checks –an easy task with the integrated dipstick, which is standard on BrushBull™ gearboxes.  Reliability and durability extend to the cutters’ rugged Z-channel frame bumper.  Standard on the entire BrushBull™ series, the bumper on Woods standard models is two-times thicker than competitors’.

The BrushBull™ Legacy.

The new Woods BrushBull™ line is the latest in a long legacy of rotary cutters. This legacy started in 1946 with development of the first tractor-mounted rotary cutter and continues today with unmatched product innovations such as greasable Quick-change blade pins and a smooth, sloped deck that sheds debris. Even with nearly 75 years of expertise, Woods still begins the design process with the people who use rotary cutters. The design team listens to what customers need and value and then go to work creating a product that not only delivers on those needs, but addsa bit more durability, kicks up the performance,and finishes with style ─because that’s what people expect from Woods.