New BB72.40 Woods® BrushBull™ Rotary Cutter

The all-new Woods® BB72.40 rotary cutter pairs perfectly with 40-90 HP tractors and is uniquely designed to maximize the lifespan of both tractor and attachment.

The BB72.40 delivers the exact amount of weight, power, and durability needed to take on the job at hand when paired with a utility tractor. With our newest edition to the BrushBull line,  you can take to the field confidently and tackle overgrown weeds, brush out back, or take on commercial work without the risk of stressing out or wearing down tractor or attachment.

The BB72.40 includes the same top advantages Woods BrushBull’s are known for plus new features like:

  • HEAVY-DUTY TAIL WHEEL: 25% wider tail wheel with larger, commercial-grade wheel hub. Added tapered roller bearings to handle rugged terrain.
  • HEAVY-DUTY DRIVESHAFT: Perfectly optimized with 30% more torque capacity than the BB72.30.
  • HEAVY-DUTY GEARBOX: 35.5% heavier gearbox compared to BB72.30. Designed to withstand hard hits. Light enough to prevent wearing out or weighing down utility tractors.

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