Woods® New Batwing® BW15 Rated #1 in Cut Quality

The all-new Woods® Batwing® BW15 cutter is giving customers more of what they need and value most in a flex-wing rotary cutter.

We know cut quality consistently ranks as a top priority for flex-wing owners and operators. That’s why our newly redesigned BW15 series flex-wing cutter delivers #1-rated cut quality backed by independent testing.

#1 in Cut Quality

Five brands, which make up 90%+ of the 15’ flex-wing rotary cutter market, were evaluated by rotary cutter owners and operators in a blind online study. The results showed the Woods® Batwing® BW15 was chosen as the preferred brand for cut quality.

In addition to delivering only the best in cut quality, the new BW15 series offers the industry’s easiest maintenance, the easiest tractor connection, and an industry-leading warranty. See more features for cut quality.

Easy Maintenance

The BW15.52 and .72 feature an all-new shimless blade design making our EZ-Change™ Blade System even easier! Change blades in five “EZ” steps with only a 3/4″ wrench. No impact gun or torch is required. See more features for easy maintenance.

Easy Tractor Connection

Woods® Exclusive SmartLift™ System design does the heavy lifting for the operator – holding the 80 lbs driveline as the operator connects and disconnects the Woods BW15. See more features for easy connection.

Industry-leading Warranty

Our industry-leading, 10-year gearbox warranty including labor, parts, and seals is enabled by key features and exclusive designs inside the gearbox.

  • Triple Seal Protection: Prevents leaks and reduces downtime.​
  • Standard Oil Passages: Continuously moves oil keeping gearbox and bearings cool.​
  • Tapered Roller Bearing Design: Better absorbs impacts and side loads to protect the gearbox.

Read more about Woods Cut Above™ Warranty

Our all-new BW15.72 will be on display at the 2024 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY February 14-17th. Come see us at booth #8226 and experience what it means to deliver only the best in cut quality!