Woods® Batwing® BW15 Featured in Farm Progress!

Rated #1 in cut quality, Woods® newly redesigned Batwing® BW15 flex-wing rotary cutter managed to capture the attention of the publication, Farm Progress, at last week’s National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky. NFMS is the nation’s largest indoor farm show with more than 800 exhibitors displaying thousands of agricultural products. Each tries their best to grab the attention of the roughly 300,000 showgoers who annually attend.

Beyond Woods Equipment’s booth, a winding line of attendee hopefuls wait for their turn to win a prize and interface with Woods’ latest 15-foot-long Batwing® Flex-Wing Cutter.

“We invented the Batwing® all the way back in 1963. You always want to keep challenging yourself to bring newness,” Welty says, noting it’s difficult “to figure out what matters to the end users.”

For engineers at Woods Equipment, reducing maintenance time on the Batwing® is a primary area of focus. (Welty highlighted removable blade bolts as an example.) 

The new Batwing® boasts features that give users more of what they value in a flex-wing cutter, including:

  • Best-in-Class Cut Quality: When put to the test, the Woods Batwing is confirmed by end users as the preferred brand for cut quality. To deliver this, the Batwing® BW15 includes new patent-pending Level Lock™ Technology, which keeps the wings level across rugged terrain and never requires periodic re-leveling. A deeper, 13” cutting deck combined with high-lift blades pulls grass upright inside the cutting chamber for a cleaner cut. New tailored baffling better distributes cut material and eliminates windrowing. Finally, an optional cut height indicator is also now available allows the operator to mark and adjust the desired cut height.
  • Easy Maintenance: Woods saves owners time and reduces hassles with its exclusive, upgraded shimless EZ-Change™ blade system which allows blade changes with only a ¾” wrench. In addition, the BW15 includes aligned grease points, magnetic wing driveline shields and a metal thumbscrew dipstick for easy to access service points.
  • Easy Connection to the Tractor: The Woods exclusive SmartLift™ system does the heavy lifting by holding the 80 lb. driveline while users are attaching to the drive shaft. New design improvements include the clevis hitch, jack, and hydraulic hose holder.
  • Industry-Leading, Woods Cut Above Warranty: The Batwing® BW15 comes with the industry’s best warranty—10 years on the gear box including parts and labor for the full duration. The warranty is possible due to the innovative gear box design, which delivers longer bearing life by continuously moving oil throughout the inner cavities. This, plus its triple seal keeps out water, minimizes debris build up and reduces failures.