Get a Woods Groundbreaker® Backhoe to handle your most challenging digging and trenching jobs. Backed by Woods’ reputation for durability and reliability, the X-models feature our construction-grade buckets. Tested in real-world conditions, the entire Groundbreaker® line offers an excavator-style boom, rugged construction, and unique easy-on/easy-off mounting system that combines to give you the best built backhoe in the industry. Add an optional thumb for even more versatility.

Which model is right for you?

ModelTractor Engine HPDigging depth - 2' flatBucket digging force
BH100  120" (10-ft) 4600 lb.
BH65 18 - 36 hp78"2,800 lbs
BH75 25 - 50 hp90"3,380 lbs
BH80-X 20 - 45 hp96.5"3,780 lbs
BH85  102" (8.5-ft) 4600 lb.
BH90-X 30 - 70 hp109"4,180 / 5,070 lbs*