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Tips for Properly Storing Your Rotary Cutter

Mowing and cutting seasons are winding down for many areas of the country. It’s time to make preparations to properly store your Woods attachments. Follow these 8 tips to store your rotary cutter for the winter and help keep your RC in great condition for next year. 

1)  Lubricate all pivot points and repack wheel hub bearings to prevent rusting from condensation buildup over winter.

2) Clean the top and bottom of the deck to remove all grass buildup. 

3) Touch up paint in the areas needed to prevent rust 

4) Check the blades and make sure they are sharp and free of nicks and cracks and are securely mounted 

5) Make sure all safety decals can be read and replace them if they’re damaged. 

6) Make sure all shields are properly installed and in good condition. Replace if damaged. 

7) Check the gearbox oil level and fill it if needed. If oil appears dirty or has more than 1,000 hours of operation drain and refill the gearbox per the operator’s manual with 80w90 gear oil. 

8) Store the unit inside or under cover to prevent weather damage.

These tips will help you prevent rust, corrosion, and many other factors in the winter months that may deteriorate equipment performance. As you prepare your RC for storage, if you find you need a new part, be sure to visit 

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